Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's new? The Media is failing you!

 Conservative radio host Alex Jones released a taped interview with Rand Paul made before months before Pauls Kentucky Senatorial win. In this tape Paul compares Obama to Hitler, and referred to times of crisis as the perfect opportunity for radicals such as Obama,to seize control. According to Rand, Obama rise supposedly parallels the machinations that Hitler used on his way to absolute power, and its horrific consequences. This particular tape was made 14 months ago and buried by Jones to help Paul moderate his views to become more palatable to Independents, and the low information voters, i.e. the Dumb asses who refuse to do any strenuous thinking for themselves. Instead of thinking for themselves and searching for the truth,they opt to just accept what is told to them.

This doesn't surprise me because all through-out America we have seen Republicans, and their Tea-Bagger companions aided by the media, offering only what they wanted the voter to know, not their actual documented past. Not one mainstream media outlet challenged their claims, nor did they investigate past radical views of these candidates vigorously.  However, I personally seem to recollect numerous media outlet playing the Rev Wright "G*d Damn America" clip over and over again, questioning President Obamas views as a closet black radical from being a parishioner in Wright's Church for 20 years. Now Obama is a Muslim!?

Progressive media outlets have done their part to made known these candidates fringe positions and hypocrisy, but its reports have usually fallen on deaf ears when put up against the hypnotic spell of the Republican propaganda machine, FAUX News, blaring its lies 24/7.

The so-called "Lame-Street" media (which supposedly sides with the Democrats) reluctance to hold these Republican, Conservative and Tea Bagger candidates accountable when they have an opportunity to do so, begs the question why? It is like they are intimidated by the right wing and thus, bullied into compliance. It is like questioning ones positions equals favoring the other side. The public at large also offers no consequences when characters like Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle, or the aforementioned Rand Paul refuse to speak to members of the media they they decide are not credible, instead prefferring to speak to those outlets(i.e. FAUX) who will allow them the opportunity to speak without questioning their outrageous positions. It is Ironic that Paul even mentions candidates censuring their views in the media.

The traditional news media is dead, replaced by corporate-owned publicity machines. America needs to wake up and become their own investigative reporters. We need to investigate, and find out the truth for ourselves. The Internet offers so many resources that can help a informed viewer/voter find the truth for theirselves. Americans let's not be too intellectually lazy shall we?


Monday, November 22, 2010

What's The Angry Man?

The Angry Man is a person who is easily irritated when presented with bullshit or foolishness that insults his intelligence. Anybody, man or woman,can be a Angry man. With today's spin and lies cluttering the news and Internet, it further clouds the truth. We are finding widespread compliance to  opinion,and an alarming rise in the lack of questioning of authority and the powers that be. As intellectual curiosity wanes many have become complacent,often without even bothering to question what they see or hear.

I hope to change that.