Thursday, January 20, 2011

Les Burns: I am so very tired of the premise that the

Les Burns: I am so very tired of the premise that the

“I am so very tired of the premise that the left has to suck it up because we have nowhere to go. We have opinions and needs as a voting electorate that need must be addressed. The middle is nothing more than wishy-wash
­y opportunis­t who play both sides of the fence! The problem is the parties are too similar and that allows theses opportunis­t to play each side against the other! The Republican­s respect their base and yet and still the center and independen­ts STILL vote for them! The Dems regretfull­y don't seem courageous enough to see this. The Progressiv­es,and the left need to create their own apparatus that won't take our needs for granted. I tire of being the good solider while every other voting segment complains and gets it issues addressed! No more I am done! Win without my vote Dems!”

Monday, January 10, 2011

False Equivalence And The Vitriol That Made Jared Loughner

I am angry this morning! Why is it no one has the balls to open their mouth and say" hold on! I don't see any liberals advocating murder or second amendment remedies" when the current narrative that BOTH SIDES, left and right, need to tone down the rhetoric.

I DIDN'T see anybody on the left bring automatic weapons to political rallies!

I DIDN'T see anybody who considers themselves DEMOCRATIC or LIBERAL recommend SECOND AMENDMENT REMEDIES to address political disagreements!

I DIDN'T see ANYBODY on the left talk about "watering the tree of liberty" i.e. spilling blood!

Now you have another Democratic representative, Danny Davis being threatened, with some coward saying your next!

So I am to believe based on this false equivalence that a liberal made this threat too??? No they didn't. A right winger or a tea bagger did this as they will be found responsible for the assassination attempt on Gabby Giffords.