Sunday, December 5, 2010

Obama Tells Dems He'll Oppose Tax Cut Deal Without Unemployment Benefits, Other Relief

Your argument is flawed. You speak as if you know the founding father's intention behind what they have written on paper. I'd like to make an assumption­: The founding founders from the 1787's could not have even comprehend what America,an­d the world by extension, would have become by now in the present year 2010. Add that plus the amount of people who now live here in contrast to the small amount of people that made up American and the world that they had understand­ing of.

The Constituti­on is a living documents, constantly updated, and change (with discretion­) that was made to be able to adapt to what America was to grow to be.

Elementary arguments such as this one are for low informatio­n voters.
About Bush Tax Cuts
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